Your Basic Nozbe Workflow

Stay on top of all your tasks and projects

You’re here for Nozbe Ninja training. We all start out as White Belts with absolutely no experience. Let’s begin your training to make your to-do list useful. Today you’ll learn a basic workflow to capture and process all the tasks that enter your brain each day. Here’s your basic Nozbe workflow to get ideas out of your head and organized so you can take action.


Add Tasks to the Inbox Quickly

Any time something comes to mind that might have a task attached to it you need to add it to your trusted system. Luckily you have Nozbe. If not, you can check it out here. Capture all your ideas in your Inbox before you forget them.

Add a task by clicking the + in the lower right corner. Or to quickly add a task to your Inbox from any Nozbe screen tap the spacebar. It will bring up a bar like the one in the picture below.

Type in your task. If you tap Enter, the task will be added directly to your inbox for you to sort at a later time.

To save time now, you can skip the Inbox and use # to assign specific attributes.

  1. Task name
  2. Project (if you already know which project it belongs to)
  3. Categories (for batching)
  4. Due date
  5. Repeat

Nozbe Inbox

Assign a Project

Let’s make this as quick as possible.

When you’re ready to clean out your Inbox, open your projects so you can easily drag tasks into the proper project (works only for desktop and web, sorry mobile). This will save you a ton of clicks.

Or you can click on the task, and then assign a project in the menu like Task 4 in the video below.

If you’ve set your projects up with labels, you’ll easily be able to sort and find task later.

Assign Categories as Needed

Some people swear by using a ton of Categories in their GTD system. But, too many Categories can get complicated quickly.

Begin setting up your system by keeping things simple and streamlined. Keep your Categories limited and only use them for the tasks you’ll regularly batch.

Check out some starting Categories below:


  • Most Important – the 3-5 tasks to get done no matter what
  • Today – sort tasks in the Priority list that need to get done today, but are not one of the Most Important
  • Emails/Calls – for batching different types of work
  • Waiting – a category for tasks where you’re waiting for someone to get back to you so you can mark it complete
  • Incubating – tasks that still need a little more thought

There you have it. Three simple steps to get your idea out of your head, into a project, and ready to batch to get it done efficiently.

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