Nozbe Experiments: My New Plan for Next Actions & The Priority List

Since getting my Apple Watch, my Nozbe Priority List has been getting out of hand (25+ tasks). It’s time to shrink this list and focus on 3-5 tasks each day. Here’s an experiment I’m running to streamline productivity.


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  • Darin

    Robby, thanks for this timely post. I had way to much in my priority list yesterday.

    I suppose I was making too many trade offs of my time which made my scheduled tasks pile up. I plan to test this out for three weeks to see how well it works for me.

    This is making me question scheduling versus categorizing next steps for my projects. I suppose I could differentiate by deadline. In other words, if there is a deadline schedule otherwise categorize. Any thoughts?

    • Thanks for the feedback! I’m so glad you found this helpful. I was getting overwhelmed by all my scheduled tasks. I guess I was too zealous with what I thought I could get done.

      To answer your question…I’ve begun to schedule only 2 types of tasks: 1) Ones that I want to be reminded of on a certain day, 2) Various routines. Everything at this point categorized so I can batch it.

  • Sara

    Robby, I’ve been struggling with the same problem with way too many tasks in my priority list, so thank you for this option. I know in the video you said you were going to start trying this. Now that it has been 7 months ago, are you still doing this and do you have any specific lessons learned