Stay Organized with Nozbe Project Labels & Colors

It takes a lot to balance all the different areas of life. Between trying to organize and schedule family life, work, hobbies, and all of life’s odds-and-ends, we have a ton of projects. I’ve integrated Nozbe with my calendar and file storage to help, but Nozbe project labels come to the rescue to keep me organized and focused.

Like most Nozbe users, projects are the backbone of my system. I create a new project any time a task requires more than 5 steps. But using this method makes me have to manage too many projects. I currently have 35 different projects going. Too many to keep track of at one time.


This is where Nozbe project labels and colors help. I use labels to sort my projects by area of life and each label gets its own color. For example:

  • All family projects are labeled “Home” and are red
  • All teaching projects are labeled “Teaching” and are pink
  • All military projects are labeled “Military” and are army green 🙂
  • All online business projects are labeled “Platform” and are blue
  • All my goals are labeled “Goals” and are orange

Nozbe Project Labels

Labels let me sort projects and easily focus on individual areas of life. Colors help me keep my projects sorted visually when I look at my entire project list or complete my weekly review. Check out this video or learn my process below.

Adding Project Labels & Colors


Each project can have many different labels. Sometimes I have projects that cross labels such as “Home” and “Goals”.

  1. To add a label to your project, click on the project information icon
  2. Click “Change labels”
  3. Assign your project a label or create one within the menu by clicking the +

Change Nozbe Label

Demo Project • Nozbe


Each project can only have one color. I use colors so I can easily see what label I’m looking at. If a project has two labels, I color it with the most important label. See above for my color scheme.

If a project has two labels, I color it with the most important label. See above for my color scheme.

  1. To add a color to your project, click on the project information icon and
  2. Click ”Change project color” to select your color.

Nozbe Project Color

Demo Project • Nozbe

Sorting Projects by Label

Now that you’ve created your labels, it’s time to put them to use.

  1. Click the project icon from the left menu
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the project menu, you’ll see a Label symbol. Click the symbol to pull up your labels.
  3. Click the desired label to sort your projects.
  4. To see all your projects again, click the X in the upper right-hand corner of the project menu.

Demo Project • Nozbe

Demo Project • Nozbe

Nozbe project labels and colors keep me organized when there is too much to keep track of. I can sort my projects or take a quick glance at the colors to easily see where I need to focus.

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  • Darin

    Robby, Thanks for this post. It got me to thinking of how I am using labels and colors. I had a someday label, but not an active one. My coloring has mostly been related to red – waiting for something, gold – working on, green – review for completion and gray – someday. With the addition of the active label, I can now easily see how many active projects I have and if they are being worked on, waiting for something or ready to close out.

    I added a picture of selecting my work label. Two projects are someday, three are being worked on and one is waiting for something. I can also see one is goal related. Thanks again for your post and have a great weekend!

    • @disqus_7v3hwmeU7d:disqus This is another great way to use Nozbe labels. I really like how you can quickly identify the status of each project. In the past, I’ve used categories to do something similar, but using colors this way is awesome and way more intuitive!

      You have a great weekend too 🙂

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  • Osaka Rumor

    I am interested in the contents of your blog. However, I think we do not have to use Labels as long as we have not so many projects.
    because the label is not related to the task.

    Please refer to the following screen.
    Project, task, category are connected respectively.
    However, a label is connected with task and category.

    However, I am afraid I cannot classify label as I like.

    Under the circumstance, no need to have a label if we have not so many projects.

    I would like to have your opinion.