Nozbe Email Integration

One of the most useful features in Nozbe is the ability to email tasks and attachments to your task list. Last week I showed you how to set up Nozbe Integrations to connect apps together and automate your life. Today you’ll learn how to send tasks through Nozbe Email Integration to take action on those emails in your inbox.


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Make Sure You’re Set Up

Step 1: Set Up Nozbe Email Integration Unique Email Address

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Fill in your username and PIN

Nozbe Email Integration

Step 2: Save Your Nozbe Email as a Contact

Add your Nozbe email to your contacts list to make emailing tasks easier in the future. It’s also way easier to email from a mobile device.

  1. Log into your email account and create a new contact called “Nozbe”
  2. Enter your Nozbe email account (
  3. Save your contact

Nozbe Contact

Sending One Task

  1. The email Subject becomes the task name.
  2. The email Body becomes a comment.

SingleTask1 SingleTask2

Sending Multiple Tasks

  1. Type “. task”: Make sure you follow this format “Period Space Task“. See the example below.
  2. Add comments after a task by typing them on the next line.

MultiTasks1  MultiTasks2

Using Hashtags

You can use hashtags in emails the same way as you can in Nozbe to assign projects or categories. For Example:

  • #ProjectName (assigns a project)
  • #Category (assigns a category)
  • #Priority (adds a task to your priority list)

Learn more about how to use hashtags in Nozbe here.

Forwarding Email

The best feature of Nozbe Email Integration is the ability to forward emails to Nozbe creating a task. I can set up a task to follow up with later using #Waiting, or create a Next Action using #Priority.

Either way, forwarding emails makes them actionable and helps me keep my email inbox clutter free.

Nozbe Email Integration will help you stay on top of the tasks you need to accomplish. Next week we’ll look at how Nozbe links with your Google Calendar.

Exclusive Download: Nozbe Email Cheat Sheet

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