Nozbe and Google Calendar

One of the best features of Nozbe is its integration with Google Calendar. It works seamlessly to keep your tasks and calendar in sync. Previously I’ve written about how to set up your Nozbe Integrations. This week, let’s focus on Nozbe and Google Calendar.


Connect your Google Calendar to Nozbe under Settings >> Integrations >> Connect with Your Google Account. It should look something like this when you’re finished:


Once you’ve connected your two accounts, it’s time to set up notifications. You have two options:

  1. Allow reminders in Google Calendar, OR
  2. Disable reminders in Google Calendar

You can select the option that suits you best by either checking or unchecking the box “Disable reminders in Google Calendar.


Nozbe allows you set up notifications in the Settings Menu. If you’re like me and have all Nozbe notifications turned on, having Google remind you of the same tasks can be overwhelming and obnoxious. This is why I’ve disabled reminders in Google Calendar.

Now let’s get into where Nozbe and Google Calendar really work well together. I’m gong to give you a peek inside my morning routine and how these two tools work together.

First I set up my Morning Routine in Nozbe. Here is a NozbeHow Template of my Daily Routine you can add to your Nozbe account. For each task or activity, I’ve added specific times and how long I expect each task to take. Here’s what it looks like:

ScreenClip4It’s pretty easy to set up.

  1. Click on your task to pull up the detailed task menu.
  2. Set the Date and Time.
  3. Set Time Needed.
  4. Set how often you want this task to Repeat.
  5. Nozbe automatically syncs this with your Google Calendar.

Here’s Nozbe BEFORE:


Here’s Nozbe AFTER:


And here’s how it look in my Google Calendar:


Notice how everything is transferred from Nozbe to Google Calendar. Click on an event to see the details. All your Nozbe project tags are synced. Even the ! for a Priority star.


Overall, Nozbe and Google Calendar are a perfect match. I can schedule tasks for a certain date and time and my calendar is automatically blocked out. Now when it comes time to schedule my week or when I get bombarded with requests for meetings, I have already protected my most productive hour.

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  • Hi Robby, while I have no problem using Nozbe with GCalendar, I’m pushing myself use the Apple ecosystem for everything including Calendar on iOS and Mac.

    Are you a single ecosystem person or “best of breed” and why? I’d be interested to know how others are approaching their Nozbe implementation on one platform – and where they are finding friction.

    • Hey Michael. Thanks for your comment. As much as I’d like to go fully into the Apple ecosystem, right now I’m running with what works and is in my price range. I’m currently using the “best of breed” to hodge-podge my system (iPhone & Chromebook mix of Google & Apple). I’ve noticed that Apple’s closed system makes it difficult to integrate with other apps.

      Nozbe actually has a good post about using Google Calendar and iCal together. You can find that here:

      I know that the Nozbe team relies heavily on Apple products for their work, so hopefully as Apple opens up to 3rd party developers they allow for greater integration.

      • Bart Van Wassenhove

        Hi Robby, thank you for all this info. I wonder if it’s possible to get a 2-way sync between Google Calendar and Nozbe?

        • Hey Bart!

          Glad you found this post useful.

          It’s totally possible to get the two-way sync working. Once you set up the Nozbe integration with Google Calendar, you can:

          1) Create tasks in Nozbe that can be seen on your Google Calendar
          2) Create events in Google Calendar that sync as tasks in Nozbe. You just need to make sure they are added to your “Nozbe” calendar.

          Hope this helps.

          • Bart Van Wassenhove

            Thanks Robby!

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