Definitive Guide to Nozbe Email Integration

You already know the 10 reasons Nozbe is the best project management tool. But did you know that I purposely left one reason out? It had to be done since it needed a dedicated lesson. One of Nozbe’s the most useful features is the ability to email tasks and attachments directly to your task list. Today you’ll learn exactly how to send tasks through Nozbe Email Integration to get emails out of your inbox and into your streamlined system ready to take action.


First Things First: Make Sure Your Integration is Set Up

Step 1: Set Up Nozbe Email Integration By Creating Your Unique Email Address

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Fill in your username and PIN

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Your Basic Nozbe Workflow

Stay on top of all your tasks and projects

So you want to be a Nozbe Ninja? How about we start with the basics. Whether you’re experienced or completely new to the productivity scene, everyone begins with their White Belt. There is no way around it. So start at the beginning by creating a basic Nozbe workflow.

To begin, get a copy of David Allen’s Getting Things Done if you don’t have one already. You can find used copies everywhere, so you can pick one up for a couple of dollars. This book will give you the basic framework behind how Nozbe works. In this post, I’ll show you how to capture and process all the tasks that enter your brain each day to get ideas out of your head and organized so you can take action.


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I am becoming a regular contributor to Nozbe’s blog.

Here are some of the latest tips and tricks I shared with the Nozbe community.

This is a guest post we got from Robby Miles – our Ambassador, productivity guru and a really good man 🙂 Read on if you want to learn about the advantages of flat project management, emailing tasks and using project templates.

Date: May 25, 2017
Appearance: How do I use Nozbe to stay on top of everything
Outlet: Getting Things Done with Nozbe Productivity Blog
Format: Magazine

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How to Organize Loose Tasks

Everyone has “loose tasks.” You know, the ones that just don’t seem to fit into any project. They just hang there without a home. In this post, I’ll show you exactly how science says you should organize loose tasks.

Photo courtesy of Liz West via Flickr

Last week Michael Sliwinski, the founder of Nozbe, shared his plan for dealing with loose tasks.

Here are his thoughts:

According to neuroscientist Dr. Daniel J. Levitin in his book The Organized Mind, Michael is on the right track.

The premise of his book is simple.

Everyone needs a junk drawer where they can put that random assortment of stuff that shows up in their life.

The caveat is…

You need to regularly review that drawer and see if there are any new categories or if anything in the drawer fits within an existing category.

I’d say there is a strong case that this junk drawer methodology can work with Nozbe and actually help you get more done.

First, let go of your perfectionism. Sometimes our systems have to be flexible.

In Nozbe, I have several different junk drawers for personal, work, etc.

For each group of projects (or label), I have a Miscellaneous project. Here’s what that looks like:

Every day I sort my Inbox in Nozbe.

Many of the tasks fit directly into another project. More than a few of those loose tasks do not, and they never will.

For those tasks that belong to a general category, I add them to the Misc project.

Then, as part of my weekly review, I categorize tasks as needed if I see a new project starting to form.

That’s it!

You can organize your loose tasks by being okay with a little imperfection. Let your Misc projects be your junk drawers.

Just remember to sort them regularly 😉

Question: How to do you organize your loose tasks? Leave your comment by clicking here.

Top 10 Posts of 2016 (Nozbe’s a Big Hit!)

This has been an incredible year. I have been blessed to share my writing with you and appreciate all your support.

Top 10 Posts of 2016

Below are the Top 10 Posts of 2016. As you can see, Nozbe seems to be popular ;-), but I figured as much.

If you missed one of these posts, now is a great chance to catch up before 2017 gets underway.

  1. Nozbe Email Integration
  2. Nozbe and Google Calendar
  3. The Only FOUR Apps You Need to be Productive
  4. Batching in Nozbe
  5. Stay Organized with Nozbe Project Labels & Colors
  6. 5 Steps for Choosing the Right Apps
  7. My 3 Favorite Updates in Nozbe 3.0
  8. What Does the Nozbe Ratio Actually Mean & What’s it Good for?
  9. Your Basic Nozbe Workflow
  10. Setting Up Nozbe Integrations

I can’t wait to share what I have in store for 2017.

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5 Steps to Actually Make Your To-Do List Useful Again

Are you the type of person who spends more time making to-do lists than taking action on your tasks? Or, are you the type who has to-do lists spread all over and have a hard time keeping track of everything? No matter what your to-do list situation is, it’s safe to say it can use some routine maintenance.

5 Steps to Actually Make Your To Do List Useful Again

Here are five simple steps you can take in the next 15 minutes to actually make your to-do list useful again.

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How I Can Help You Be More Productive as a Nozbe Ambassador

This has been an incredible week. I’ve been accepted as a Nozbe Ambassador and will be able to help you even more. I hear you asking…What does that even mean and why should I care? In this post, I share exactly what being a Nozbe Ambassador means and what I plan to do to help you reach your productivity goals.

Nozbe Ambassador 1

What is a Nozbe Ambassador?

A Nozbe Ambassador is an online leader who Nozbe has recognized as having expertise in using their software and teaching what they know. It’s someone who can help you get started using Nozbe to create your perfect productivity system.

We are users who have already created training materials for Nozbe, such as books, plugins, blog posts, videos, etc.

Other Nozbe Ambassadors include people like:

As ambassadors, we are not hired by Nozbe, but instead they trust us to answer questions and interact with their customers to offer one-on-one support. As of this writing, there are only nine Nozbe Ambassadors worldwide!

What does this mean for you?

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What Does the Nozbe Ratio Actually Mean & What’s it Good for?

If you’re a Nozbe user, then you’ve likely received an email of your “Weekly Productivity Report.” Nozbe sends you the “Nozbe Ratio” as a percentage that is supposed to show you your average productivity for the week. But what does the Nozbe Ratio actually mean?

Nozbe Ratio

A couple weeks ago, I was watching one of Nozbe’s new webinars when Michael Sliwinski finally shared the secret behind the Nozbe Ratio. Here is a screenshot I grabbed of their “secret” formula.

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Stay Organized with Nozbe Project Labels & Colors

It takes a lot to balance all the different areas of life. Between trying to organize and schedule family life, work, hobbies, and all of life’s odds-and-ends, we have a ton of projects. I’ve integrated Nozbe with my calendar and file storage to help, but Nozbe project labels come to the rescue to keep me organized and focused.

Like most Nozbe users, projects are the backbone of my system. I create a new project any time a task requires more than 5 steps. But using this method makes me have to manage too many projects. I currently have 35 different projects going. Too many to keep track of at one time.


This is where Nozbe project labels and colors help. I use labels to sort my projects by area of life and each label gets its own color. For example:

  • All family projects are labeled “Home” and are red
  • All teaching projects are labeled “Teaching” and are pink
  • All military projects are labeled “Military” and are army green 🙂
  • All online business projects are labeled “Platform” and are blue
  • All my goals are labeled “Goals” and are orange

Nozbe Project Labels

Labels let me sort projects and easily focus on individual areas of life. Colors help me keep my projects sorted visually when I look at my entire project list or complete my weekly review. Check out this video or learn my process below.

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